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  • Tim Knowling

Australia - a mission field

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Each year on the 1st of July the people of the Torres Strait Islands celebrate “The Coming of the Light festival”. This day commemorates the arrival of missionaries from the London Missionary Society who came to these precious people with the message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This year (2021) was particularly significant as it was the 150th Anniversary of this event.

The legacy of these early missionaries continues to this day in Australia as faithful ministers of the Gospel, with a heart to reach out to the Indigenous people of our land, travel to often remote communities to strengthen and support church plantings that go back many generations.

Leah and I have had many opportunities to visit aboriginal communities across this nation. As a part of the travelling team of the Tent of Promise, we would come alongside Indigenous Churches from as far south as the Murray River in Victoria to the Endeavor River in North Queensland.

Our nation is one of the greatest mission fields. Please stand with us in prayer that the Lord would open effective doors across this great southern land, that the light of the Gospel would continue to change the lives of those who hear it as it did all those years ago.

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